Obtaining credentials with the Assemblies of God requires a combination of course work and practical experience.  Specifically, obtaining credentials requires a process of application, and exam, and an interview. Applications are made through each district office, but the minister is recognized as a credentialed minister with the The General Council of the Assemblies of God as a whole as well as a minister within our District.  Please review the information below and then contact our district office for further information about requirements and application.

Qualifications for Ministry
Read The General Council of the Assemblies of God Constitution and Bylaws (Download PDF), which contains a section about qualifications for ministry in the A/G. Educational requirements vary and may vary by individual. Contacting our office is the best way to understand and learn what credentials you qualify for and/or what the educational requirements are.

Benefits, Qualifications, Process, and Responsibilities
You can read about the benefits, qualifications, process, and responsibilities of ordination in our official position paper entitled "Pentecostal Ministry and Ordination." 

For more information:
Phone // 701-255-2526
Network Office Email //

Applicant must contact the Network Office for most current version of application.

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